Responding to the Vision

respondingtovisionIn a landscape full of culture and competing beliefs, it takes an investment of time and resources to be able to gently show the difference between them. Respectfully, and in Love – Frontline Resources works within the cultural boundaries to share the Word. Frontline Resources was created to respond to the call and vision of the Lord to serve and equip the persecuted church in access restricted areas of SE Asia.

The Mission

  • Acquaint Western World believers with challenges facing the suffering church in specific access-restricted Asian countries.
  • Inform the Western Church of opportunities available to help and to equip our suffering family.
  • Facilitate responses to those opportunities in China, Laos, Myanmar & Vietnam.
  • Encourage and equip the saints of the free world to equip the saints of Asia’s restricted world.
  • Philosophy of Ministry

We deliberately limit our staff size and infrastructure by working with other organizations and individuals to maximize our impact. This less-is-more approach lets us be more content effective providers instead of organization builders, multiplying every dollar given to Frontline Resources. We hope you will consider leveraging your own kingdom investments through our organization.