Prayer is a very powerful tool. We implore you to think of our distant brothers in Christ as they receive the Good News and risk all to spread the Good News. Below we have some specific prayers broken down by region. Keep in mind that this short list is just a drop in the bucket, and that there are many many more that need our prayer as well.


Pray for tribal Christians who are under great pressure to renounce their faith. Pray that their faith will be proved genuine, and that they will be comforted by the Holy Spirit in their time of need.

Pray for Vietnamese church leaders for wisdom, strength, and encouragement.

Pray for an increase in the provision of Vietnamese and tribal Bibles.

Pray for greater unity among the churches, and a greater degree of trust and cooperation between the leaders of the house church movements.

Pray for a stronger Christian witness to Communist party members and Buddhists.



Christians are facing cruel forms of physical and psychological abuse- new forms of persecution against churches in Laos. Pray that Christians will stand strong in these trials and for special grace and courage.

Pray for pastors in prison and for their families; that God would comfort them and provide for their physical and spiritual needs.

Pray for the Christians to preach the gospel with boldness especially among the Communist party members.

Pray for the training of more church leaders/workers and for women leaders to rise up.

Pray for an increase in the provision of Lao and tribal Bibles.


The Karen people of Myanmar became victim to the country’s agenda of ethnic cleansing. They became refugees in their own country. Those who managed to escape are now being housed in refugee camps at the Thai border. Pray for the Karens (who are mostly Christians) as they look to God as their only hope. Pray for protection and God’s provision on their lives.

The Golden Triangle Mission School (GTMS) Is established right in the heart of Asia’s largest drug producing region In Myanmar. Through this school many children have been saved from the clutches of drug traffics and prostitution syndicates. Pray for God’s provision of teachers and finances in the running of the school. Pray also for finance for the much needed furniture and library books for the newly built dormitory.

Plans are in the pipeline to build a leadership training centre. Pray for finance to fund this project. Pray also for trainers to train leaders to reach their nation for Christ.


The People’s Republic of China (PRC) is a ruled by a Communist government. Though China’s constitution allows for freedom of religion: churches are required to register with the government, believers are threatened, Bibles confiscated, churches destroyed, and church are leaders beaten, imprisoned, tortured and killed. Why! Because China sees unregistered churches as a threat to national and ethnic unity and to Communist ideals and goals. It is estimated that around 20,000 people are coming to the Lord each day in the People’s Republic of China (PRC).

With this great revival, however, has come great suffering for those Chinese people who want to follow Christ.

Not only are many of them being persecuted by the Government, they are severely under-resourced.

Imagine how many House Church Pastors are needed.  Most of them have no access to a Study Bible, and training is scarce.  This often leads to doctrinal eccentricity among them and it also makes them vulnerable to predatory cults.

Please pray for great grace upon the persecuted.  Pray for the finances needed to provide Study Bibles to House Church Pastors.  Pray also for the training of multitudes of House Church pastors and that the church would stand strong against persecution and cult influence.