• Acquaint Western World believers with challenges facing the suffering church in specific access-restricted Asian countries.

• Inform the same of opportunities available to help and to equip our suffering family.

• Facilitate responses to those opportunities in China, Laos, Myanmar & Vietnam.

• Encourage and equip the saints of the free world to equip the saints of Asia’s restricted world.


Philosophy of Ministry

We deliberately limit our staff and infrastructure by working with other organizations and individuals to maximize our impact.

This more leverage/less infrastructure approach lets us be more content, effective providers instead of organization builders, multiplying every dollar given to Frontline Resources.

We hope you will consider leveraging your own kingdom investments through our organization.


Who We Are – Frontline Resources exists to encourage and equip the saints living under persecution in ARNA where old threats remain and new threats are rapidly emerging.

What We Do – Frontline Resources provides Study Bibles, Mercy Funds for families of imprisoned or exiled pastors, safety and education for young people at high-risk of being lost to sex and drug trades, and emergency relief.

We also provide training in Inductive Bible Study, Spiritual Warfare, Serving as a Sending Church, Biblical Leadership and more.  Our training is very well received, carefully translated and fruitfully multiplied by indigenous pastors to believers numbering in the hundreds of thousands.  More training is requested!

Where We Do It – Frontline Resources exists to encourage and equip the saints living under persecution behind what is traditionally known as the Bamboo Curtain – including Burma, China, Laos, and Vietnam.  We also serve in other ARNA regions such as N.E. India (Nagaland) and Malaysia.   Moreover, we have strong ministry opportunity connections in Bhutan and Nepal.
How We Do It – By the grace of God, through long-standing side-by-side relationship and ministry history with key ARNA believers and through your prayers, financial support and/or through your on-the-ground ministry activity in ARNA.                              

Everything we do for persecuted and at-risk believers is at the request of pastors indigenous to the countries and numerous people groups they represent.

Everything we do on-the-ground in access-restricted Asia is done “with Asians, in Asia, for Asians”®.


NOTE: Additional detail is not safe to publish on the “World Wide Web” because it is accessible to all with Internet access – including persecutors of Christians.  For more information and to discover how you can help minister to our suffering Family in Christ, please email us at

* While much of the western-world is inclined to believe that communism died with the fall of the “Iron Curtain”, pure communism and more “economically pragmatic” variations remain alive and well in ARNA.